2022-2023 Staff


Josie Burnell

My name is Josie Elizabithim Burnell. I'm a 6th grader. I was born March 2011. I play softball, and I love to paint and draw. I love Halloween. I like rock and Taylor Swift.  My favorite song is punk tactics. I love to read my...


Jaden Mays

About me: I love to draw I love food (pizza) I love video games I love TV And I love reading :)  ...


Tynique Mason

Hi, I go by Ty. I'm in my last year at Deep Creek Middle School. I moved a lot growing up. I joined the newspaper club because I wanted to write about school scoops, and I wanted to just write out things that fascinate me, or ju...


Elli McPherson

Hi, my name is Elli McPherson, and I am a reporter for the Deep Creek Newspaper. My zodiac sign is a Virgo. I joined the newspaper because I love writing stories (except for poems; they are not my cup of tea!!) My favorite ac...


Lilian Hallford

Hello! My name is Lily! I joined the newspaper club because I like writing and spreading information. I have a pet bunny whose name is Ash. My favorite hobbies are drawing, going outside, collecting crystals, and reading. You can ...


Madilynn Arama

My name is Maddie, and I'm a 6th grader who loves to write! My favorite foods are ramen and kimchi stew. I have a pomsky and my favorite movie is The Greatest Showman. I have a baby brother that I love more than anything in the wo...

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