What’s with the Numbers in the 50’s?

Whats with the Numbers in the 50s?

Virarani Riske, reporter

   Amongst students, there is a set of numbers that has recently become quite controversial. Numbers in the fifties, for whatever reason, many students dislike. I asked multiple students about their opinion on the matter; here, I collect my findings.

   Of the 15 students surveyed, 33% said they liked numbers in the 50’s, 40% were unsure, and 27% disliked them. The majority of students had similar arguments as to why they liked or disliked the numbers.

   Let’s start by talking about the side that does like the numbers in the 50’s. Many just liked them because there was nothing specifically to dislike, in their opinion. A student by the name of Elise Hill says, “I guess they’re okay; I don’t see anything wrong with them… I actually like the numbers.” Another student, Chloey Stinnett, says quite simply, “I think they’re necessary.” While many students just liked them because they didn’t necessarily dislike them, one student by the name of Collin Patton, went as far as to say, “Honestly, I think they’re hot, not gonna lie.”

   Students who disliked them, on the other hand, seemed to be very opinionated about the matter. Jade Council said very matter-of-factly to me, “The 50’s are quite deplorable, and I dislike them in every way possible.” Helayna Hare says, “Ugly… we shouldn’t have to go above 10, that’s too much work.” And another student, who asked me to keep their name anonymous, stated, “They’re unpicked when asked to pick a number from one to one hundred.”

   Many students had a general dislike for numbers in the 50’s but admitted to liking at least one of them. “They’re so ugly… I like 52 and that’s about it,” says Kinley Cooper. Corynn Espenshade says, “55 and that’s it. No more; no less. 55”  A student, who asked me to keep their name anonymous, says, “I’m a big fan of 57.” 

   What’s the take away? Students can be very odd sometimes and will argue over just about anything. Personally, I think numbers in the 50’s look a tad odd, but are most definitely necessary. But over all, it’s really just speculation, and in the end, it probably doesn’t really matter.