Best Authors That You Should Try

Best Authors That You Should Try

Layla Empson, reporter

Do you like to read? I know I do! Here are my top 5 authors that you should try out!

  1. Svetlana Chmakova

She writes graphic novels like Awkward, Crush, and Brave (I’ve read all 3 >:)! She is great at telling stories and is a must-read for fans of graphic novels!

  1. James Patterson

I have only read 1 of his books (Jacky Ha-ha: I love it), and he is just amazing! I love the points he makes, and his characters are lovely. You should read his books, today!

  1. Rachel Renee Russel

She’s the author of the Dork Diaries series. I like how she describes people and their actions. She has a lot of books, so start reading her stories, today!

  1. Raina Telgemeier

She tells true stories in the form of graphic novels. She even draws them herself! She writes about her life when she was in middle school, and even high school! She really is amazing!

1. Shannon Hale

She has 3 books, all based on her life in elementary school and middle school! She tells you about her friends and what she dealt with. She also tells you about the anxiety she had that made things difficult. She truly is a great author!


That’s it from me! Happy reading!