Christmas List Ideas

Christmas List Ideas

Tamari Hudson, reporter

For people struggling to find some good things for your Christmas list, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few things to put on your list; some of these may not be of interest to you, but it will help you think more about what you want. If you want a certain category, just scroll, if you don’t find it; it’s probably not on here, sorry.


Anime ( A lot of people seem interested in it this year):


-Anime Plushies

-Nendroids (It’s like an anime action figure but different)


– Cosplays


If you like watching TV shows here’s a few suggestions:

– TV show merchandise

– Mugs from that show 

-Posters from that show


Video games:

– A new gaming console

– Action figures

– Cosplays

– Posters

– Stuff for a gaming set-up

– Currency for that game

– New games



– Blankets

– Shoes

– LED lights

– A new phone/ device you want

Jackets/ hoodies

– Dye your hair 

– Pierce your ears or get a piercing

-Things from your favorite store

– Things to decorate your room


Drawing/Art/Digital Art:

– Sketchbook

– Pencils

– Colored pencils

– Markers

– Pencil sharpeners

– Trash can

– Desk

– A new device for drawing

– Stylus/that one pen you can use for the device

– A digital drawing glove