The Phone Stalker


Ms. Anonymous, reporter

It was currently 11:34PM. when my phone rang. I answered the phone, and it was my dad. 


He said, “Hello, dear. Your mother and I are going on a vacation, but I will give you a ride to your job before we go.” 


I then said “Okay, Dad. Be down at 10.” 


Then I hung up and got ready to babysit  my neighbors’ kids. My dad drove me to the neighbors; I got out of the car and said goodbye. 


I went to knock on the door and before I could they swung open the door and said “Come in, dear.”


I stepped in the house and my jaw dropped. “They are  rich,” I said to myself. As the woman was talking to me, I couldn’t help but look around. 


She then grabbed her keys and her husband said, “Be sure to not wake up the kids, it took forever to get them to sleep.” and I nodded my head. They walked out the door and set the alarm system. I sat on the couch and read my book. 


After an hour the phone rang. I answered and said, “ Hello, Standley Residents.” No one said anything. I said, “Hello, is anyone there?” Then the phone just hung up. I thought someone got the wrong phone number or something. An hour went by and the kids were still asleep. I decided to look around the house a bit. I saw the maid feeding the birds. They had a glass room filled with birds and a pond with fish inside. How cool is that! I said, “Hi,” and went on looking around. 


I finally got done looking around the house and sat on the couch. All of a sudden, I heard a loud noise like something fell. So I got up and went to check it out. I ended up finding nothing, so I thought it was one of the kids, but I went to check, and they were both still in bed. I brushed it off thinking it was the maid and went to sit back down. 


The alarm went off! I got up and ran to the door and put in the code and locked all the doors again. The phone rang, and I answered it. It was the police asking if I needed help because the alarm went off. I said, “No, thanks. Everything is fine. It was probably the maid.” Then they hung up. 


I read my book for an hour or so, then the phone rang. I picked up the phone and no one answered once again. I hung up and called the police. They told me if they called again to keep them on the phone for a minute, so they could trace the call. 

I tried but failed the second time they called. I kept them on the phone, and when I asked what they wanted they said, “Your blood covering my hands.” I hung up the phone in fear with tears rolling down my eyes. 


Then, an hour later, the police called back and said, “It’s coming from inside the house; grab the kids and run!” 


I dropped the phone and ran upstairs to the kids’ room. I opened the door, and they were gone. I looked in the closet, and there they were hiding. I helped them out, and then I looked up and there was a man who cut a hole in the ceiling and jumped down. 


I put the kids back in the closet and locked us in there. I found a way out. They had a window that led to the glass room. We crawled out, and I told the kids to hide, and I hid in the pond under the bridge. They ended up in the glass room with us. The kids ran out of the glass room without the man knowing. 


I went underwater and saw the maid. He had drowned her. I scream underwater. I feared what would happen to me. I came up from underwater, and he grabbed my hair and pulled me up. I thought to myself this would be the end. I wasn’t going to give up that easily. I grabbed a rock from underwater and hit him in the head with it. 


I got out of the glass room and locked him in there. Me and the kids were trying to find a way out. We heard a big bang. He broke the glass! The kids ran out the front door, and he found us. He pulled me by my hair and threw me down to the ground. I grabbed a knife and stabbed him in the hand. 


At that moment, police came and arrested him. The kids’ parents showed up and were very happy to know that they were okay, and they thanked me a lot. As the police car drove by, I saw the man’s face clear as day. 


I still babysit the kids today. The kids’ parents ended up moving closer to my house, and I am still babysitting them. Life is good right now; nothing will get in my way. 


“Breaking news!” The phone stalker has escaped from prison. I repeat there’s a killer on the loose!” 


“OH, NO!” 


Part two is coming soon!