Hollyn- A Music Artist Who Keeps Things Real

Hollyn- A Music Artist Who Keeps Things Real

Virarani Riske, reporter

    Holly Marie Miller Wilson is an American singer from Franklin, Tennessee. Her stage name is Hollyn, and she sings in a variety of genres including pop, R&B, and Christian music. Hollyn writes music about the things in life as they are; she doesn’t sugar coat life.

   One of my favorite albums of Hollyn’s is her Bye Sad Girl album. This album is about a toxic relationship she went through. Some of the lyrics in her song are so honest that it will make you laugh. In her song “I Wasn’t Enough for You,” she has a line that says “…not wishing the best, ‘cause I was that for you…” The energy she has when leaving this relationship is the sort of energy everyone should have. She is confident and knows that she was not the one who made the mistake. 

   Within the same song she has the line, “…you say let’s stay friends, but whoever stays friends?” She keeps things real and she knows that she and this guy aren’t going to be talking anymore. She has another song in that album titled “I Don’t Know if We Can Be Friends.” That song talks about how she doesn’t think she can be friends with this guy anymore because of how toxic he is.

   In her song “I Feel Bad for You” (which is also in that album), she talks about how much better she is now that she has left the toxic relationship. She has the lyrics, “…‘cause I’m off the ground, higher up than I was when you were holding on to me…yeah you’re probably listening, but let me make it clear babe this ain’t no apology…” Hollyn is happy to be out of the toxic relationship and her songs have the energy everyone should have when leaving something like that. 

   The sort of energy she has in her songs doesn’t just have to be applied to romantic relationships, but can also be applied to platonic relationships. A platonic relationship is a relationship between friends. Hollyn’s music is relatable no matter who you are, and what you may be going through. So go ahead and give her a listen; I promise it’ll be worth your while.