Virginia Wild Horse Rescue

Virginia Wild Horse Rescue

Corynn Espenshade, reporter

This is where wild horses are rescued. They go and help round up the wild horses on the beach. They are a nonprofit organization and have helped horses for generations. 

They round up on the beaches and help them to safety without touching them. They don’t feed their horses too much food, for they have seen that they do better in nature without any help. They have a very strong natural immune system. They help release them back to the wild in a safe area.

They do have one horse that they have kept throughout the years. His name is Red Feather. He is a special guy, unlike others. He kept coming back. The rescuers heard he kept losing his children due to car accidents, so when they grabbed him up after another loss, they took him to the rescue center to avoid getting hurt. He has a family and is still a wild horse. These are horses that aren’t tamed and don’t know human touch. It’s a good idea to never approach a wild horse.

Now, Red Feather has a family, and they run wild on the farm.


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