No More Masks?


Elizabeth Pace, reporter

The governor of the state of Texas, Greg Abbott, has said that Texans no longer have to wear masks when they go out somewhere. This is utterly ridiculous as we are in a world-wide pandemic and millions of people are dying. Plus, America is dealing with the pandemic in the worst way possible, you have some people who are doing the right thing and wearing their masks, social distancing, not going out unless absolutely necessary. Then, you have half of the U.S. who is not wearing masks, not social distancing, going out whenever they feel like it, traveling, etc. It is horrible that Governor Abbott made this possible. The USA has the highest number of COVID-19 cases. Australia is back to what we all used to call “normal” where they don’t have to wear masks except on public transport because they went into a full lockdown. The world honestly needs to be like Australia, so we can go back to how it was before the Coronavirus.