Mental Health


Makayla Johnson, reporter

Mental illnesses or disorders: a large range of different conditions they affect thinking, mood, behavior, etc. Common mental illnesses include depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and lots more. Lots of illnesses/disorders have many different types, like there are many different types of depression, etc. Apotemnophilia, also called body integrity identity disorder, is the rarest out of all mental disorders. Mental illnesses/disorders are most common to start at age 14 and can go on for lifetimes, but some don’t last very long, usually the 3 quarters mark starts around 24. 

This is a list of common symptoms for mental illness: feeling down, not being able to concentrate/confused thinking, excessive fears and or worries or major guilt, significant tiredness/laziness. If you are starting to have any of these symptoms, then I suggest talking with your closest family members and elders about them! Always try to reach out and get help as fast as you can!