What to Do for Fun Without the Sun


Corynn Espenshade, reporter

I’m bored.” “Go clean.” “I don’t want to.”  What do we do now? We can’t go outside to do something, but we DON’T want to tidy our room. You have finished your show and don’t know what to watch, so what is there to do now?

A simple and easy option is to go to sleep, but then when you wake up, you have the same problem again, and you can’t sleep your life away. So what does this now leave you with? There is still the offer to clean OR…………………..

Remember when you were little and did crafts in school? You made those hand turkeys and thought they were worth a thousand dollars. That was when anything was cool though. Maybe you could do a craft.  Some crafts you could do is making a card. We make cards for all different reasons: for sick people, to thank someone, or to make someone laugh.

Then, once you make around 5 cards, you’re bored again. You try to watch T.V. because now you just want to watch T.V., but you still don’t know what to watch. With your phone, iPad, or something else, you can take pictures and get a free editing app and edit pictures of your pets, things in your bedroom, or even things that you’re eating!

A few things that you could do is start baking or cooking. Do you want a cookie, cake, or muffins. You could start baking a few simple things, but first you should start with cookies. (Pro tip– Don’t burn the house down), or you could cook pasta or chicken nuggets. Meatballs and spaghetti is a good place to start. And then work your way up to harder things. (Pro tip– salt in water could help with noodles not sticking together.)

Now, we move on to harder crafts like sewing-painting. Difficult cooking and baking will be done with time. These are just a handful of things to do when bored on a rainy day.