Bob and Harold

Bob and Harold

Haley Arias, reporter

How They Met

Bob and Harold met when Bob was turning 20 and Harold was only 16; they have been friends a year now. Well, the story starts like this…

Bob was cleaning the house when he stumbled upon a book. Being the Bob he is, he opened it and inside and it said: History of Ghosts. He looked around before reading because he wanted to make sure that no one was looking.

Bob turned the page and the book started making weird noises. Then, all of a sudden, the book flew up in the air and was doing donuts! He walked back a few steps and a white puff of smoke came out of the book.

The book talked… literally! “Ummm,” said the book.

Bob snatched the book off the floor, and glanced at a page that said to summon a spirit.

“What?” questioned Bob. He turned the page, and there was an incantation, “To know history, you must be shown…”

Bob was very confused.

“Say the incantation!” chanted the book.

Bob was starting to regret opening the book in the first place. “To know history, you must be shown…” started Bob.

The book disappeared and a white figure appeared.  “Um,” it said.

Bob was so frightened, he started to stutter,  “Whaa-t… Wh-o are you?”

The white figure drew closer. “Harold the ghost.”

Bob backed away and shuttered, “GHOST?!”

Harold was unamused. ”Ahhh, you’re a newbie. Why did you even open the book if you didn’t know what was in there? Oh, and thanks for getting me out of that book! It was cramped in there. Your father was a mean guy, you know, he put me in there for no reason.”

Bob tried his best to find his voice. “I don’t know why I opened the book; it was like calling me. I don’t know how to explain it… and my father was priest, that’s why he must have locked you in there,”  he said.

Harold looked worried, “ If your father was a priest, then you shouldn’t have been able to open the book or even touch it, unless…”

“Unless what?” asked Bob.

“Unless you’re a chosen one,” proclaimed Harold.

Bob retorted, “A chosen one? What in the world is a chosen ONE?!”

Harold took Bob’s hand and said, “Come with me. I’ll explain everything.”


“Trust me,” said Harold. A huge portal opened, and Harold threw Bob through. Then, Harold jumped in behind him, and they landed in the middle of nowhere. “Welcome, to the underworld, Bob.”

Bob looked up at him scared to death. THE UNDERWORLD!!!!!!