Maliyah Hood, reporter

There are many different trees that are evergreens like Cedar trees and Olive trees.

Evergreens are trees that have very strong leaves rolled up tight like long thin needles. This allows the evergreens to conserve water, which is needed for photosynthesis because they have more water than hardwood trees, their leaves stay green and stay attached longer. They can be found on every continent except Antarctica. 

These trees can reach heights of 20 to 60 feet while dwarf evergreens like mugo pine only reach heights of 4 to 6 feet. They have a lifespan of 300 to 500 years or more. 

Evergreens can be killed by sodium or salt when exposed to it. If planted evergreens are near roads that have snow or ice on them, salt that is used to melt it may spread to the trees. The tips of the trees will begin to turn brown and wither until they die.