Google Slides and Gaming: How an Average Joe/Joanna Can Make a Game with the Humble PowerPoint Website!

Google Slides and Gaming: How an Average Joe/Joanna Can Make a Game with the Humble PowerPoint Website!

Zachary Danyow, reporter


These days, everyone and their mom at least have heard of gaming. But why do people think that making video games is so difficult? With good drawing skills, a good computer, and a lot of persistence and Google know how, anyone can make a video game!

CHAPTER 1: art
In order to make a video game, one must need a decent amount of art skills. Whether it be realistic, cartoonish, anime, or even the humble 16 bit, any art style you’re proficient in will suffice. Draw out every part of your game, from the characters and NPCS to even the cutscenes! Don’t worry about the animation; we can work on that later. I prefer to draw it all on a sprite sheet, which is a paper or picture featuring multiple entities in a game. For example, I will show you a picture of a sprite sheet for a game I’m working on.

Once you do that, you should think of where you want the game to take place. Is there a forest? A city? A simulation? The wild west? A sports field? Then draw it! While I prefer third person, first person is also a good idea for shooter games. However, first person would be harder to draw because now you have to look at every possible perspective. Once you have that taken care of, this brings us to the hard part, and the less fun one too:

CHAPTER 2: Putting it all together!
Now, while this may be the hardest part, it certainly is the most rewarding. You have to take pictures of every drawing, every sprite, everything you have prepared, and put it on the slideshow. You also have to animate the sprites, by using the animate tool. Please note that the animate tool is only available to computers and Chromebooks. Simply choose the tool that best fits your game, and add it! My personal preference is the rotate and fade in/out animation tools. Don’t get ahead of yourself, it’s time consuming.

CHAPTER 3: Test it?
This is the best part, you get to play your game! Tell a friend, tell your family, tell the school, get as many people as you can to give their honest opinion on your new game, and adjust it accordingly. If you find that something doesn’t fit your liking, or other people’s liking, feel free to change it back! At the end of the day, it’s your game.

So now you have a great game, a local game, an amazing game! But how does it fare against Mario, or Neverwinter Nights, or Mega Man, or some other game I can’t be bothered to mention? Be sure to think of this when people inevitably love your work and have to make a sequel.

And that’s it! Be sure to let me know what you think of this, and please, I wanna play your game!