The History of Candles


Makayla Johnson, reporter

Candles: I don’t understand how anyone doesn’t like them. Unless you are allergic to something inside of candles, then I can understand. Candles were made over 5,000 years ago by Ancient Egyptians for a source of light, since they didn’t have light bulbs like we do now. They were torches or rushlights (a rushlight is a candle made from dipping the pith in a rush of tallow). There are many different types of candles: a tealight, a votive candle, a taper candle, and many many more! Scented candles were made in 3,000 B.C., but Japan came up with a better scent than the scented candles made in 3,000 B.C.. The first candle was made before 500 B.C. People ate candle wax during the famines; don’t do that! Only burn your candles for around 4 hours at a time; if you burn them for way longer than 4 hours, then all the carbon will collect in your wick and begin to make the wick unstable, and the flame gets too large, so try not to burn your candles for over 4 hours! Want to know about why your candle jars turn black? It’s the lack of oxygen in the jar.