Anime, why is it so popular?

Anime, why is it so popular?

Anthony Cabrera, reporter

 First, I need to cover why T.V. is so addictive!!!

Have you ever just been watching T.V., and you are just so hooked on it that you wake up the next day wanting to watch that show?

Well, here is why; watching T.V. actually releases the same chemicals in your brain as drinking alcohol does (dopamine). Now, you can already assume that this isn’t that good for you, judging by the fact that it’s illegal to drink and drive, and dopamine is addictive to the human mind/body.

Why is Anime so popular?

Well you have probably heard people saying, “Have you watched “Naruto Shippuden,” yet?” or maybe, “What season are you on on ‘My Hero Academia?” ” or, “Isn’t “One Piece” so good?”

These shows are really popular because overseas the Japanese population has shrunk over the years leading to somewhat of a “culture exchange.” This just means a signature thing from one culture passed down to another.

Now, here is where the exchange comes in: Netflix is an American made company yet, they have a lot of Netflix original animes, so now this has been an exchange from Japanese culture now down into American cultures. This is a “culture exchange.”

Now, anime is watched all throughout American homes. Now for this to be shared here is what might happen; a large group of people are watching a category of show; then they start talking to their friends about this show, and then they share it. Now it’s all on the internet and so many more people are now watching this series. It will start trending and then get picked up on the news, and there you go; the whole country is watching!