Staying Healthy During a Pandemic


Makayla Johnson, reporter

Everyone needs it these days. With everyone getting back from holiday vacations, we all need to quarantine, so we can make sure to help stop the spread COVID-19 to others. Some ways you can stop the spread is by wearing a mask when going anywhere outside of your home, maintaining 6 feet away from people other than your own family, and if anyone is feeling sick in your family or you are, stay home to protect everyone else! 

How to stay healthy during the pandemic. Work out, you can use things around your house like helping parents take the groceries inside the house, that helps with the muscles in your arms! For a leg workout, run around your yard or if you have a treadmill. If you have any useful workout tools, use them! Make sure after working out take a shower, and drink lots of water! Remember to stay safe during these times!