Naruto Recap (Spoiler Warning!)

Naruto Recap (Spoiler Warning!)

Anthony Mockabee, reporter

Hello, guys. My name is Anthony, and my favorite anime is Naruto. As you know from reading the title, I will be recapping seasons 1 & 2 of Naruto.

Warning: Just because I am doing this does not mean you should skip seasons or episodes. It is a really good season, so do not skip.!

All right, now that we went through that, it’s time to recap. (By the way, this recap will only recap episodes 1-20).

All right, in the village, hidden in the leaves, there is a boy, and his name is Naruto. So Naruto Uzumaki is a mischievous and very clumsy Genin. He got the nine-tailed fox in his body (the nine-tailed fox was a dstroctionable beast. It went into Naruto’s body to escape). He is now a ninja in training after passing the ninja academy. He also has two team members (Sakura: the Sasuke lover) and (Sasuke: the guy who thinks he is better than everyone on his team and takes everything seriously). Once Naruto gets familiar with his team, that’s when he meets his sensei. Kakashi Sensei (mysterious and powerful) is a very strict sensei, but everyone knows that everyone has a good side, not Kakashi. Sure they have good times, but right after it’s back to being strict. After settling in, they finally get a new mission. They have to take this traveler back to the village, safely to his house. Now, I know what you’re thinking, why do three ninjas in training have to take a traveler to his house? Like come on, the man is a whole traveler but can’t go through the woods, my guy? Well, hold your horses right there cowboy; this ain’t no regular degular forest this is the forbidden forest, which means this forest has a bunch of different treats plotting for an attack. And in the forest, they meet Zabuza. (Zabuza: his greed for thirst still continues. Also, he is the devil in this manga series so basically, Naruto and the others fight the devil and succeed). Of course, every villain has a minion and that minion was Haku. (Haku: a weapon to Zabuza and is a very powerful person). Then there is a big fight scene between Haku and Naruto. Then they take the traveler back to his house. Then, they go back to the village hidden in the leaves, and there Naruto meets Konahamaru. (Konahamaru: Naruto’s rival and Naruto is the boss of him). Naruto and Konahamaru become good friends. Now it is time for the Chunin examples, which means every genin (ninja in training) has to go up against different people from different villages. Now, I am sorry, but I have to end it here, guys, so make sure to check out part two, if you’d like.

WARNING: Part two is not coming until 2021…

Peace. 🙂