Dragon’s Touch – chapters 1 and 2


Elli McPherson, reporter

 You would normally think dragons aren’t real. Well, they are! I have one named Nalla. She is my whole world!! We have gone through a lot of trauma. Each one has brought us closer together!! “Hear ye, Hear ye! More pirates are trying to come on the southeastern side of our island. Warriors please report to captain LeMendos. I will repeat…” Kylo Announces. He is our… News? All he does is read what is about to happen on a scroll of paper. I hop on Nalla. “Okay Nalla you heard the man! Let’s go to the southeastern side,” I say.

Her eyes go purple as her wings expand. Her scales are white and her eyes are silver but when flying they are purple. She takes off into the sky. “Steady girl. We still have time.” I explain. She lands. I get off and rub her nose, “Good girl Nalla.”  Cirus (Si-Rus) walks over to me. “Hi Nalla!!” he says. Nalla growls as smoke comes out of her nose. “I agree with Nal. What do you want from us?” I ask.

“Why do you sound so grumpy? Me and my Dragon Ace just wanted to say hi,” he says.

“I don’t believe that for a second after you ditched me and Nalla in the forbidden forest!! Oh yea, by the way, we got in huge trouble all because of you! Now.. WHAT DO YOU WANT!?” I scream.

“I was scared that’s why I ditch-” He was interrupted by the pirates approaching. We draw swords and our dragons eyes glow bright.

“Arrr… I see that they arr scarred. We arr more prepared though!! YAAR ATTACK!!” The captain yell

Nalla raises up and her electric breath builds up. I hold up my sword and she fires toward it. It hits the sword and I hold it out. The sword buzzes and makes a lot of sounds. I threw it at the pirate ship and it broke the whole ship. Nalla charged up once again and hit the ocean water so they wouldn’t get back up. Her eyes fade back to silver as she lands back onto the ground. I ran up to her and petted her on her nose.

“Good job girl, I am very  proud of you!” I whisper, “Now let’s go back before Cirus comes back with Ace.” I hop onto her and she goes back into the air. We are about to land when I see a baby homeless Dragon in the distance falling!! “Nalla go catch him and step on it!!!” I yell. She flies really fast and we catch the baby dragon cub. I hold it in my arm as we fly into Nalla’s barn room. 


Chapter 2: The Cub 


I place the cub down and it backs up and yelps. “Hey! I am not going to hurt you! It’s okay!” I say. Nalla walks over and sniffs him and even lays down with him. It is so cute I almost tear up!! Nalla nuzzles him and the baby comes up to me. I hold out my hand to pet him. He allows me to pet him. He nuzzles up against me. “What do you think Nalla? Should we keep him?” I ask. Nalla bobs her head. That usually means yes. “Okay little fella welcome to your new home!! I will build your room once I go to the town shops tomorrow.” I say. Nalla signals him to come over and she allows him to sleep in her room for the night. “Good girl Nalla. When I go to the town shops I promise I will get all of your favorite treats.” I say. She bobs her head and then goes to sleep. I close the barn and walk through the town woods. Cirus comes up from behind me.

“Hey!” he says.

“Oh my goodness Cirus you scared me. What?” I ask.

“I wanted to say I am sorry. I never meant to ditch you two. It just happened so fast and I realize what I did. Please forgive me.” He says.

“Yeah, I bet you are sorry.” I say as I walk away.