Tynique Mason, reporter


A text message lights up Amy’s phone. “Who’s texting me?”

The message on the screen reads out Dad, “Go wash the dishes.”

Amy rolled off her bed and walk to her door. 

“Ugh, I don’t want to wash dishes.” Amy walks down the stairs to the kitchen and begins to wash them.


“Hello, how are you?” reads an unknown number.

“Who is that?”

Amy texts back, “Wrong number, dude.’’

“Oh, my bad who is this?”

Amy doesn’t know how to reply back to the message.

“Amy? And you?”

“That’s not important.’’

Amy finishes her dishes and goes to watch TV. On the news, it warns of a murder, but Amy ignores it and puts on Spongebob.


Amy’s phone lits up again.


“I love that show”

Amy heart drops once she reads it “Umm..”


“Why do you seem so scared now? The pink shirt you have on is pretty.”

Amy looks around, but doesn’t see anyone. She goes and locks all the doors.

“Ding!” Dad texts.

“Be careful, did you see the news?”

Amy runs to the kitchen scared and grabs a knife to save her if someone attacks. 

“Ding!” Dad texts.

“Hello, are you okay? Don’t open the door. I have a key. I can get in. DON’T OPEN THE DOOR.” 

Amy goes back to the TV to watch a show to by pass the time.

*40 mins later*

“Ding dong” the door bell goes off.

Amy scared rushes to the door and looks out the pep hole.


“Ding dong”

Why was he staring into the pep hole? Doesn’t he have a key.

Amy touches the door knob, but remembers that her dad told her to not open it.

She goes to sit down because it doesn’t feel right.

“Knock knock” banging on the door.

Why isn’t he opening it or texting me?


“Hey, sweetie. My phone died, and I am using an alternate phone. Please, buttercup, open the door.”

Amy looks at the message. She sits there rereading the message, “buttercup?” Amy says softly, “ he hates buttercups.” Amy goes to get a blanket and puts it over her head. The knocking and ringing of the doorbell get louder and louder till it’s so loud it was in her ears. 

Amy eventually falls asleep to the sound.

When Amy wakes up, the knocking stops, and so does the doorbell ringing, too. 

Amy rushes to the door to see if he left.

Amy looks out the pep hole and sees her father still at the door.

Amy confused opens the door.

“Dad,” Amy says crying. 

Her father is dead… 


Pictures pop up of Amy sleeping.


This time, it was a picture of a knife and a message telling Amy to run.