Elli McPherson, reporter

Anti Bullying Awareness- – A story

“Hey, nerd,” Henry the bully said, “Did ya finish my homework??” Chris looked at him with tears in his eyes and said, “No.. I am so super sorry though..” Henry’s face turned lava red in anger. “Did you even do yours?” He said trying to keep himself from saying anything mean. “Well… Yes.. BUT!! That was my homework and the other one was yours, so therefore it is not my fault.” Chris said with courage. Henry immediately screamed at him in blind rage. “YOU’RE SO DUMB! YOU NEVER GET ANYTHING RIGHT!!! I HOPE YOU TRIP AND KNOCK ALL YOUR TEETH OUT!!!” He screamed and knocked all his books out of his hands and walked away. Just then, another student noticed him struggling to pick up all his books since he was on crutches. “Hi! Do you need help?” ??? said. “I am sorry but do I know you?” Chris asked. “Oh, yeah how rude of me!! My name is Diana! Can I help you now??” She asked. Chris thought for a second and nodded his head and ever since that day they have been close friends. The end!